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Other Ways to Support Lifeline Hunter Central Coast

We devote countless hours and resources in supporting people before there is a need for lifesaving intervention. Currently, Lifeline Hunter Central Coast has over one hundred volunteer telephone crisis supporters and paid support staff who save lives every day. We have Personal and Relationship Counsellors who provide face-to-face counselling to the community at a highly subsidised rate in both the Newcastle and Central Coast region. We also have dedicated staff who deliver vital suicide prevention and intervention training in schools, in workplaces and in the general community.

Only 45% of our funding comes from Government, the rest we must make up through revenue from the nine Lifeline Shops in the Hunter, sponsorship, appeals, community grants and events. Ultimately, it has always been the generosity of local individuals and businesses that has ensured our vital service continues each year.

Donate to the Toby Fund

Toby Lee Smith was born in Newcastle in 1970. He was a caring, giving, kind passionate person as well as a talented musician and graphic designer. For reasons unknown, Toby took his own life in 2005.

The devastating effect of his suicide on his family and friends has left them grieving and wondering why he did not speak to someone before taking such a final step.

Lifeline Hunter Central Coast, with the blessing of Toby's family have established the Toby Fund to inform and educate the community about suicide.

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Corporate Support

If you or your organisation would like to support an established, respected and local charity, Lifeline Hunter Central Coast would love to hear from you.

You can support Lifeline Hunter Central Coast in many ways:

  • Via a direct tax deductible donation
  • By nominating us as a recipient of your Workplace Giving Program
  • By providing in-kind support or through the donation of goods or your professional skills
  • By hosting or sponsoring a fundraising event for Lifeline Hunter Central Coast
  • You can employ Lifeline Hunter Central Coast's Training Division to provide Learning and Development Corporate Training


Making a will is an important thing to do. It gives you the opportunity to safeguard what is important to you and how you want your estate to be distributed amongst those people and organisations important to you.

In your will you may wish to remember your favourite charity as one way to continue your support. We hope that your support for people in need through a bequest to Lifeline Hunter Central Coast will form part of a living legacy.

Please feel free to contact us, we're happy to talk with you about this.

Client / Participant Testimonials

  • Brian

    "You really did save my life tonight. I was very very close to doing something silly."

  • David

    "I thought no one could help me and I felt so desperate,
    but talking to someone was the first step to getting my life back."

  • Ian

    "The perspective offered in my lowest moments,
    gave me the strength to continue at moments when I could otherwise have given up."

  • Jenna

    "I never knew it would bring so much relief to talk to someone who cared"
  • John

    "Thank you for that information and thank you for talking to me.
    I actually feel a bit better getting it out of my system and saying how I really feel."
  • Kathy

    "I want to compliment Lifeline for the professional and caring approach. I was very impressed with the service I received yesterday.
    I'd also like to say that many years ago Lifeline literally saved my life when I was in a very dark place. Thank you."
  • Katie

    "Thanks heaps for your help, I feel calmer and a lot less like harming myself now."
  • Matt

    "I even feel better typing to you tonight - I feel like I have taken some action.
    I was a bit scared of calling; but find online chatting less scary. What a great idea."
  • Renee

    "Thank you for having such wonderful people taking time to help others."