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Caring for the Bereaved by Suicide

Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter - Breaved By Suicide

Lifeline Hunter Central Coast supports those who are bereaved by suicide in a number of ways:

  • We facilitate a support group for the family and friends of those who have died by suicide
  • We send out information packs
  • We offer personal counselling

Walking beside those bereaved by suicide in our community, many have offered some words of wisdom and comfort to those newly bereaved:

  • Your journey is your journey –it is very personal
  • Take all the time you need, be who you are in your attempt to make sense of this tragedy
  • Do not compare your grief to anyone else's; if you are married do not compare it to your spouse's, if you are a parent don't compare it to your children's
  • No one can tell you what time frame your grief will last – there isn't one
  • No one can tell you how to grieve – there is no rule book
  • You have the possibility of developing a greater sense of compassion and empathy – when you come across someone who is having a hard time, you can be empathetic because you are also that person
  • Be gentle with yourself –don't expect too much of yourself
  • Everyone's grief looks different
  • People will tell what you should and shouldn't do i.e. it's time to move on or get over it – these are very hurtful words to hear
  • You have to find a new way to live
  • Time doesn't heal – it would be great if people were truthful – time doesn't heal but over time the pain does dull
  • I felt so alone and couldn't find comfort from my family and friends but being with others who had lost a loved one to suicide was what allowed me to not be alone in my grief
  • I have come to a place where I can be thankful for what they gave me and I have survived and can find joy again –something I never thought possible
  • Even though my sadness is close to the surface every day, I can both hear other people's stories and share my own

Bereavement Pack

If you, or someone you know, has experienced the death of a loved one to suicide, Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter has an information pack that we can send to you.

Call 02 4940 2000 during business hours to request a pack.

If you are feeling sad, it is always good to talk to someone who cares.
You can call Lifeline any time of the day or night on 13 11 14.

Newcastle Support Group

The Newcastle Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm-8pm.

Venue: Lifeline Hunter Central Coast
12 Maitland Road Islington NSW 2296
For more information call Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter on 02 4940 2000

Port Stephens Support Group

The Port Stephens Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Group meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 7pm - 9pm.

Venue: Tomaree Library
Town Centre Circuit, Salamander Bay
For more information call Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter on 02 4940 2000

Central Coast Support Group

The Central Coast Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Group.

Please call to register your interest.

Venue: Lifeline Hunter Central Coast
15 Cary Street Wyoming NSW
For more information call Lifeline
on 02 4320 7400

Bereavement Stories

In October 2013, as part of World Mental Health month, Lifeline collaborated with producer and director Janet Carr, who lost her partner Firgal to suicide in early 2011, to produce a series of short films for those bereaved by suicide.

This films tell the story of Richard, Beck and Paul. All three have faced the agonising grief and inexplicable questions that accompany the suicide of a loved one. Click on the images below to hear their stories.

Beck's Story

Paul's Story

Richard's Story

More Resources

Comprehensive online resources for the bereaved by suicide are available. Lifeline Hunter Central Coast recommends www.supportaftersuicide.org.au and www.suicidefindinghope.com

You can also download some other resources by clicking on the images below.

Lifeline - You Are Not Alone
NSW Support Pack

Lifeline - You Are Not Alone
Suicide Call Back Service

Lifeline - You Are Not Alone
What is Suicide Bereavement?

Lifeline - You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone

Help us Help Those in Need

Lifeline Hunter Central Coast is 55% self-funded and your support is vital in helping us continue to offer crisis support, counselling, and suicide prevention programs within our region.

Your Donation Will Help Us Save Over 5000 Lives A Year.

Client / Participant Testimonials

  • Brian

    "You really did save my life tonight. I was very very close to doing something silly."

  • David

    "I thought no one could help me and I felt so desperate,
    but talking to someone was the first step to getting my life back."

  • Ian

    "The perspective offered in my lowest moments,
    gave me the strength to continue at moments when I could otherwise have given up."

  • Jenna

    "I never knew it would bring so much relief to talk to someone who cared"
  • John

    "Thank you for that information and thank you for talking to me.
    I actually feel a bit better getting it out of my system and saying how I really feel."
  • Kathy

    "I want to compliment Lifeline for the professional and caring approach. I was very impressed with the service I received yesterday.
    I'd also like to say that many years ago Lifeline literally saved my life when I was in a very dark place. Thank you."
  • Katie

    "Thanks heaps for your help, I feel calmer and a lot less like harming myself now."
  • Matt

    "I even feel better typing to you tonight - I feel like I have taken some action.
    I was a bit scared of calling; but find online chatting less scary. What a great idea."
  • Renee

    "Thank you for having such wonderful people taking time to help others."