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Buy a Lifeline T-Shirt, show your support and help fund our crisis support line. 

Lifeline T-Shirts

Every call we receive is a call for help. Buy a Lifeline T-Shirt and cover the $39 it takes for us to answer a 13 11 14 crisis support phone call. 

What does it mean?

This shirt has been designed to open up conversation so expect to be asked this more than once. Be proud to share the answer because YOU are now part of the difference that the shirt helps to make.

Every shirt purchased = Answers another 13 11 14 phone call = Providing hope to another Australian in crisis.

The Anchor is the international symbol of hope and represents the life you help. Each time someone reaches out to Lifeline for help we try to give them hope. Hope for a better day, a brighter future or something to help them hold on to life in that moment.

How does it help?

Each crisis support call cost $39 to answer. Lifeline receives over a million calls a year to it's 13 11 14 crisis support line and we have to raise funds to help support and train the wonderful volunteers that sit on the phones and answer those calls for help.


Refund are offered within 14 days of purchase as per Fair Trade NSW, Repairs, replacements and refunds policy
Contact fundraisinglocal@lifeline.org.au.

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Thank you for being proud to show your support. 

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