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Sudden Traumatic Death Response Team

A support service for family members, friends, witnesses and bystanders of a unexpected death.

Lifeline Central Coast Sudden Traumatic Death Response Team

Lifeline Hunter Central Coast works closely with Brisbane Waters and Tuggerah Lakes Police, the Coroners Office and Social Workers.

We offer a follow up support service for family members, friends, witnesses and bystanders who have witnessed a sudden, traumatic or unexpected death on the Central Coast.

Clients will be offered ongoing telephone support from a trained volunteer. Please contact the office to register your interest for support from this service (02) 4320 7400.

The Sudden Traumatic Death Response Team can help:

  • Those who witnessed a sudden, traumatic or unexpected death
  • Those who have lost a loved one or friend in a sudden, traumatic or unexpected death
  • Those involved in a accident that lead to a sudden, traumatic or unexpected death

For those in crisis we encourage the use of the 13 11 14 Crisis Support Line for 24 hour a day support.

Did you know we now have a personal counselling service on the Central Coast?

Are you...

  • Going through a crisis?
  • Dealing with relationship breakdown?
  • Facing rising costs of living?
  • Facing instability or job loss?
  • Feeling lonely, sad or depressed?
  • Feeling that life is no longer worth living?
  • Overwhelmed by feelings of anger or resentment?
  • Feeling unable to cope?

Counselling can help

We all experience physical or emotional crises at some point in our lives. People come to counselling to talk confidentially about their problems, to help find solutions and improve their mental health and well-being.

Counselling can help you to increase your ability to deal with stress and stressful situations, look at areas of personal growth and build on your strengths.

An accredited Lifeline counsellor will focus on you and what is happening in your life, what it means to you and what you would like to change. Please note this service is currently only operating in the Central Coast Region.

Help us Help Those in Need

Lifeline Hunter Central Coast is 55% self-funded and your support is vital in helping us continue to offer crisis support, counselling, and suicide prevention programs within our region.

Your Donation Will Help Us Save Over 5000 Lives A Year.

Client / Participant Testimonials

  • Brian

    "You really did save my life tonight. I was very very close to doing something silly."

  • David

    "I thought no one could help me and I felt so desperate,
    but talking to someone was the first step to getting my life back."

  • Ian

    "The perspective offered in my lowest moments,
    gave me the strength to continue at moments when I could otherwise have given up."

  • Jenna

    "I never knew it would bring so much relief to talk to someone who cared"
  • John

    "Thank you for that information and thank you for talking to me.
    I actually feel a bit better getting it out of my system and saying how I really feel."
  • Kathy

    "I want to compliment Lifeline for the professional and caring approach. I was very impressed with the service I received yesterday.
    I'd also like to say that many years ago Lifeline literally saved my life when I was in a very dark place. Thank you."
  • Katie

    "Thanks heaps for your help, I feel calmer and a lot less like harming myself now."
  • Matt

    "I even feel better typing to you tonight - I feel like I have taken some action.
    I was a bit scared of calling; but find online chatting less scary. What a great idea."
  • Renee

    "Thank you for having such wonderful people taking time to help others."